Milk Caps & Box Tops

So many food product companies and stores have programs that benefit local schools.  You can help Coulee Christian School by buying these products and turning them in to the school.  (Please help save our volunteers some time by separating items belonging to different programs.)  This is a fabulous opportunity to make easy money for the school!  Click on the links below to find out more about each program.


General Mills Box Tops for Education

Please cut out the box top logo only.  Box tops have due dates and point values listed on them.  Click here to visit their website.


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Kwik Trip Milk Moola

Kwik Trip offers a program for milk and orange juice purchases.  Please cut out the Milk Moola strip at the top of the bag.  Submitting the entire bag is not necessary.  Kwik Trip milk caps from plastic gallon jugs may also be submitted.


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