Doctrinal Policy

As a non-denominational Christian school representing a cross-section of evangelical churches in the Coulee Region, the School Board of Coulee Christian School has adopted the following Doctrinal Policy, in two parts:


Items to Be Referred to the Home and Church

The following items will not be taught at Coulee Christian School:

  • Doctrines of the eternal security of the believer
  • Doctrines of baptism
  • Doctrines of the charismatic movement
  • Doctrines of the end times

While these doctrines might come up in class discussion, be referred to by a chapel speaker, or be briefly replied to by a teacher, it is not the intent of Coulee Christian School to engage in protracted teaching upon these topics unless all viewpoints are presented without partiality. Teachers, the Administrator, and staff are requested to refer these four doctrinal items to the home and/or church.

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Statement of Faith

The positive, fundamental truths essential to the Christian faith are contained in Coulee Christian School’s complete Statement of Faith.  All School Board members, the Administrator, teachers, and staff are required to adhere to this Statement of Faith.

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