Employment Opportunities

We believe Christian parents are looking for a specific type of teacher and staff in whom to trust their children.  We call these teachers Living Curriculum staff.  Living Curriculum staff come with different personalities, from different types of families.  They were raised in different environments, in different parts of the world.  They attended different colleges or universities and enjoy different styles of worship.  Today, the Living Curriculum staff are a wonderful mix of people rooted in evangelical Christianity, but with different heritages and different experiences.  Despite these differences, Coulee Christian School believes that Living Curriculum staff share a number of identifiable beliefs and qualities:

  • Mature and Growing
  • Happy and Healthy
  • Humble and Trustworthy
  • Relationship Builders
  • Nurturing Culture
  • Parent Partners
  • Quality Instruction
  • Motivators

Current Employment Opportunities:

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Applications and Forms: