Academic Honors Program

Graduating from the Academic Honors Program is an achievement for students who are committed to academic success and excellence.  These students will be highly competitive in college application and will excel in receiving scholarships and other recognitions.  Upon successful completion of the program, Academic Honors graduates will receive an honor sash to wear at graduation and a designation on their diploma specifying hat they have graduated with high honors.

There are three components to the Academic Honors Program:

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student graduating from the Academic Honors Program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or higher on a 4.00 scale throughout his or her four-year high school career.

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Advanced Coursework

A student graduating from the Academic Honors Program must complete the basic requirements for graduation, with the following modifications for advanced coursework:

A student may have a 1.0 credit deficiency in Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, or Foreign Language.  A student may not be deficient in Honors English.

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Honors Presentation

A student graduating from the Academic Honors Program must complete a presentation that intersects an academic principle with a Biblical worldview.  The honors presentation may be completed any time during the student’s high school career (grades 9-12).

The student is responsible for submitting his or her premise to the Honors Presentation Committee, which is comprised of three individuals:

  • Administrator
  • One teacher
  • One member of the Education Committee or School Board

Once the premise is submitted and approved, the student will have six months to complete the necessary research, write a paper, and compile a formal presentation.  The presentation will be given in April.

Throughout the process, the student will have regularly scheduled meetings with an academic advisor.

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